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  • Extraordinary Bioconstruction Projects Open or Close

    Eco Caminhos builds extraordinary bioconstruction houses to preserve the planet and because it is a lot of fun. We want to offer the users of these houses an unforgetable experience. We want people to feel natural rustic housing in the mountains and still have the comfort of any modern designed house. Our projects feel like art and we pay great attention to detail. We have fun in combining low-tech with high-tech. The first pilot project has "cob" walls, a green roof, a floor heating system, double glass, a natural waste water system, automatized lighting, heating and ventilation through a domotica system.

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  • Incredible Nature Open or Close

    Eco Caminhos is situated in Cardinot close to Nova Friburgo a city 2 hours drive from Rio de Janeiro in the mountain region. Cardinot is a beautiful little rural area with a number of farms and a small number of families.  The township is well preserved and the people are very friendly. Cardinot is situated at outskirts of the natural reserve "Tres Picos" which is very well preserved.The park rich in flora and founa. The preservation authorities are also releasing all kind of endangeroud spieces. Eco Caminhos is also a paradise for bird watchers as the variation in birds is incredible. The Eco Farm is situated on 1200 meters high and from the Farm it is possible to do a number of hikes, mountainbike tours, horse back riding allowing you to see the most incredible views, waterfalls and birds. 

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  • Short- & Long-Term Volunteer Opportunities Open or Close

    Eco Caminhos is offering short- and long-term volunteer opportunities.

    You can join our short term volunteer programme already from 2 weeks up to 3 months. The short term volunteer programme is very flexible and allows you to choose the project you wish to join. It is expected that you work more or less 20 hours per week. There are also organized hikes, camping weekends and other eco sport possibilities. The short term programme charges an afforable fee to pay for your accommodation, the coordinator and administration costs. 

    For people who want to join Eco Caminhos for an extended period there is 100% free long term volunteer programme. We offer people the real chance to live at a self-sustaining Eco Farm and generate your own income in the long run. 

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  • Permaculture School Open or Close

    Eco Caminhos has launched its Eco School which is a piece of land of Eco Caminhos where will start to farm and apply permaculture. We are still learning and the idea is that the location turns into productive farm land with a community space where people can exchange knowledge. We are inviting interested volunteers, neighbours, students, children to join the project. We believe in learning by doing and connecting people. this is how we build an incredible 140 m2 bioconstruction house in only 1,5 years time. We are really starting from zero so please do not expect a productive farm. Expect an exciting team who will create a beautiful permaculture farm step by step.

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  • New Approach to Community Living Open or Close

    Eco Caminhos has a new approach to community living. We try to combine the positive sides of the traditional community settings and the free market. 


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  • Generate Your Own Income Open or Close

    At Eco Caminhos is it possible to generate your own income and garantee your future here with us in Brazil. We believe that people are at the centre of our organization and that they will only stay and work with us if they enjoy and are able to self-sustain. We have a 4 step programme for people to reach their goal.  

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  • Purchase Property - 12/2014

    Purchase Property - 12/2014

    Beautiful 290.000 m2 property in Cardinot Nova Friburgo
  • Waterfall  -  1/2015

    Waterfall - 1/2015

    Beautiful waterfall next to Eco Caminhos
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