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Project Overview Eco Caminhos

Eco Caminhos takes volunteering very serious as we believe it is an incredible opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, friendships. Volunteers bring new knowledge and hopefully take a great ideas when they leave to improve our planet just a little bit. We have over 8 years of experience working with volunteers. To make volunteering accesible for everyone we have organized 3 types of volunteer in Brazil programmes:

Bioconstructing extraordinary houses 

Eco Caminhos constructs extraordinary bioconstruction houses to preserve, stand-out and live healthier and more comfortable. For the houses we give preference to the ussage natural recycled and local. Eco Caminhos als combines low tec with hi tec as we want to set the example that bioconstruction is more than house you visit during a touristic trip. Bioconstruction houses are more beautiful, healthier and can be just as comfortable as any modern conventional build house. 

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Permaculture School

Eco Caminhos has started a permaculture school project. We have 29 hectare property where we would like to apply permaculture and agroforest. We have started with a small organic garden. the idea is that we learn and grow the project by doing. We will invite experts, attend courses, do online research to become experts in permaculture.

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Apprentice Programme 

To make a little change in the world you need to start with the future generations. We therefore developed a apprentice programme for motivated young adults that lack opportunities. In the apprentice programme youngsters are learning about bioconstruction, permaculture and eco turism. Apprentices participate at Eco Caminhos in the morning, receive school support in the afternoon and go to school in the evening.

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