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Volunteer in Brazil Opportunities

volunteer in brazil

Eco Caminhos takes volunteering very serious as we believe it is an incredible opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, friendships. Volunteers bring new knowledge and hopefully take a great ideas when they leave to improve our planet just a little bit. We have over 8 years of experience working with volunteers. To make volunteering accesible for everyone we have organized 4 types of volunteer in Brazil programmes:


Eco Experience (new)

Duration:  1 - 8 weeks     Workload: 18 - 24 hours per week 

A programme designed for people who want to enjoy an autentic experience in a rural area in Brazil. You will be staying with a local Brazilian family living experiencing the local culture. You will have the oportunity to practise your Portuguese and learn about the local customs and food. You work 3 days per week at the Eco Farm in bionconstruction or organic farming. Eco Caminhos further organizes a number of activities including: Portuguese classes hikes, campfires and visiting touristic sites etc.

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Short-Term volunteer in Brazil programme

Duration: 6 - 12 weeks     Workload: 24 - 30 hours per week 


A programme for younger or inexperienced candidates or for people who simply lack time to come for an extended period of time. The programme is adjusted to the interest of the volunteer. From the short-term programme it is still possible to move forward to the long-term volunteer programme. 

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Long-Term volunteer in Brazil | full-time programme (100% free + room + board)

Duration: +1 yr     Workload: 40 hours per week 

This a demanding programme for which we need very mature, motivated and responsible people. The objective of this programme is to become part of Eco Caminhos and generate your own income so you can stay with us for as long as you want. You are offered accommodation, food and internet until you generate your own income and can live independantly.

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Long-Term volunteer in Brazil | part-time programme (100% free)

Duration: +1 yr      Workload: flexible

This is a very flexible programme for very mature, motivated and responsible people who like privacy and flexible work hours. You are able to choose your own prefered work days and hours. This programme already works for 1 day per week. The idea is that you rent your own place (100 - 150 US$) per month and pay for your own needs. As the Full-time programme the idea is that you participate in projects to generate your own income so you can stay and be part of Eco Caminhos

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