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Short-Term Volunteering

volunteer in brazil long grass

Short-term volunteering at Eco Caminhos is an excellent way to gain practical skills & experience in eco-farming, bioconstruction & permaculture. Located in the scenic Brazilian mountains, you will work and live with people from all around the world. Living in a rustic setting, you will have the opportunity to make life-long friends and learn the portuguese language whilst you do so.


What will your average day be like?


the schedule is indicative. changes might occure.

 Volunteers will work approximately 24 hours 3 days a week. tuesday and thursday's are off.  Volunteers can choose between bioconstruction and organic farming. After your work day and on your weekends, you are free to do as you please. Many of our volunteers plan their weekends to explore Nova Friburgo or Rio de Janeiro.

Once a week the people of Eco Caminhos unite in the evening to socialize. We usually cook together or make a fire outside. However all suggestions are wellcome. What matters is that we spend time together. 


Where will you be staying?


  • short-term-volunteer-house
  • short-term-volunteering-living-room
  • short-term-volunteer-house
  • short-term-volunteering-living-room


Short-term volunteers are offered basic but comfortable accommodation facilities:

rooms for maximum 3 volunteers. 

small kitchen

 living room

 Washing machine

 WiFi (during rainy season internet is out frequently)


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Activities and Eco tourism

For volunteers, we organize one special activity per month. Here a few examples of activities we organize:

 Hiking in the many mountains located around Nova Friburgo

Camping in the mountains

Visiting the nearby town Nova Friburgo

 Weekly group dinner

We do not charge for any activity, however in the case that there are costs for transport, food, accommodation or administration you are expected to cover these costs.

short term volunteering in brazil camping


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Periodprices in Brazilian RealPrices in US$Prices in Euro
6 weeksR$ 3,500$ 1,117€ 935
7 weeksR$ 4,300$ 1,372€ 1,148
8 weeksR$ 5,000$ 1,595€ 1,335
9 weeksR$ 5,600$ 1,787€ 1,496
10 weeksR$ 6,150$ 1,962€ 1,643
11 weeksR$ 6,700$ 2,137€ 1,790
12 weeksR$ 7,200$ 2,297€ 1,923

 * Our prices are in Brazilian Real and are exclusive of tax. The prices in US$ and Euros are indicative and the exact amount in US$ or Euro will be calculated on the day of booking. 




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